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Master of Accounting (MAcc)

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To be eligible for the Master of Accounting program, you must have graduated from the University of Waterloo, School of Accounting and Finance programs.

Students from Waterloo's AFM, or Math/CPA, or Biotech/CPA programs can combine their undergraduate degree with the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program to move directly to the CPA Common Final Examination (CFE). AFM or Math/CPA or Biotech/CPA + MAcc is designed to develop the knowledge and skills within the CPA Professional Education Program. The 3 undergraduate programs allow students to explore all 6 CPA technical competency areas - Financial Reporting, Strategy and Governance, Management Accounting, Audit and Assurance, Finance, and Taxation. In MAcc, you'll complete the integration of the CPA core modules, and by selecting 2 CPA electives, add depth in the areas of Assurance, Performance Management, Tax, or Finance. The CPA Capstones will round out your MAcc before you proceed directly to the CFE - all in 8 months.


Your path to the CPA designation requires the completion of prerequisite education and professional program requirements.

Your AFM or Math/CPA or Biotech/CPA + MAcc degree fulfills...

  • the CPA academic prerequisites
  • up to 16 months of the required 30 months of relevant CPA practical work experience
  • the 2 CPA core integration modules
  • 2 professional areas of study. All 4 CPA elective modules are offered during your MAcc program.
  • the 2 CPA capstone modules

Career focused

Your SAF undergraduate and MAcc degrees will prepare you for professional accreditation. MAcc students can gain depth in career areas such as business valuations, forensic accounting, taxation, and finance to give you a career "head start". Take advantage of your MAcc courses to explore and discover potential career interests that will open doors to your financial management career.

Prospective students

Prospective MAcc students can access the 2017 MAcc Program Information Guide in My SAF Community on LEARN to learn more about the program, admission requirements, courses, and tuition.

NOTE: The MAcc is not open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree outside of the School of Accounting and Finance.

Current students

Current MAcc students should access the MAcc Community Group on LEARN. Visit LEARN.

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CPA Support and Accreditation

The School of Accounting and Finance is deeply grateful to the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPAO) for their support of learning initiatives in the MAcc program through the CPA-SAF Learning Centre.

The School of Accounting and Finance’s programs have received the highest level of national accreditation from CPA Canada, providing students with the flexibility to tailor your direct pathway to the CPA designation. AFM, Math/CPA, or Biotech/CPA students who complete the MAcc are exempt from the CPA Professional Education Program and proceed directly to the CPA Common Final Examination (CFE) upon graduation.

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