2016 Investment Research Challenge (IRC) Student Teams Wow Judges

Friday, May 27, 2016

Tom Scott, Chris Deruyter, Steve Balaban, Nick Gill, and Ray Vandermey, Anqi Liu, Yiting Sun and Roy Chau

Tom Scott, Chris Deruyter, Steve Balaban, Nick Gill, and Ray Vandermey, wth the winning team Anqi Liu, Yiting Sun and Roy Chau for the Investment Research Challenge.

Twelve teams comprising 48 students took part in this year’s Investment Research Challenge (IRC) and competed for the Anish Chopra IRC prizes of $4,000 with the top prize being $2000. The event is organized by SAF in collaboration with AFSA and is supported the CPA-SAF Centre for Capital Markets Education.

The IRC is a one day competition open to students from 2B onwards. The competition required a student team to analyze a publicly-traded stock in the tech sector and defend its buy/hold/sell recommendation. The teams were judged in the preliminary round by faculty panels and in the final round by an industry panel.

According to the Associate Director of Finance, Ranjini Jha, “The opportunity to learn about the tech sector, the ability to make a persuasive pitch to a judging panel and respond succinctly to intensive questioning was a very valuable learning experience for our students. This year, we were impressed by the improvement in student quality in content and presentation in the preliminary and final rounds. The final round with four teams was the best we have had in four years of the competition.  Overall, the judges were impressed by the teams’ knowledge of the assigned firms, their research and their presentations.”

Congratulations to the 2016 IRC winners! First place went to 3B AFM students Anqi Liu, Yiting Sun, Roy Chau and Katherine Chan who were given the company Kinaxis to analyze. According to Roy Chau from the winning team, “As one of our first stock pitch competitions, our team and I really learned a lot during the preparation stages and presentation portion of the Investment Research Challenge. We were able to build a foundation in basic valuation and company analysis and the judging panels opened our minds to new areas to look into for future stock pitches. All in all, IRC has been an unforgettable learning experience.”

Second place was awarded to (AFM and Math-CPA 3B team) of Annie Shi (Math-CPA), Ryan Korn, Kevin Zhao and Aniket Patel who evaluated local company OpenText.

Special thanks to our faculty judges in the first round and to our industry panel of Chris Deruyter (Director Portfolio Management, Sunlife Financial), Nick Gill (Associate PM and Senior Associate, CPP Investment Board), Rick Vandermey (Portfolio Manager, Rae and Lipskie), Steve Balaban (Chief Investment Officer, Mink Capital) and Tom Scott (Director, SAF), our judges in the final round.

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