Tuesday, November 1, 2011

By Kelly Millar

The School of Accounting and Finance's (SAF) annual Awards Dinner usually has an underlining theme, one that is quiet, simple and sometimes understated. However, this year there was a definite tone of celebration and achievement.

With the School in the midst of its 30th anniversary, attendees were propelled back in time through special presentations, facts and highlights, guest appearances, and through the launch of the School’s second edition of "Vision and Challenge".

Steve JonesThe recently published "Vision and Challenge/Growth and Opportunity", picks up where the Schools last book left off. Author, Steve Jones says the first part of the book builds on the previously documented history of the School then quickly changes course, exploring the trials and tribulations that understandably come with growth and opportunity.

Governor General and former Waterloo President, David Johnston wrote a sentimental preface acknowledging the personal triumphs of the School’s graduates, inadvertently honouring those in attendance at the awards dinner.

Through the years, the School of Accounting and Finance has produced many outstanding members of society who have contributed greatly to the richness of this country. We can be proud of the history and accomplishments not only of the School, but also of all those who have worked towards creating a bright future for Canada.

The launch complemented the night’s festivities, which recognized the entering class of fellows, illustrious honourees, scholarship recipients, and the generous donors who have supported student programs within the SAF. Much like the book, the group captured all three decades of the Schools existence – from enthusiastic first-year students, professionally - renowned alumni, to the School’s founding Director, Jack Hanna; it was as if Jones’ words were transformed from black and white print to real life.

Following tradition, the School presented two influential alumni with awards. The School of Accounting and Finance Alumni Achievements Awards were established in 2009, in order to recognize the accomplishments of its graduates who have distinguished themselves through professional achievements and community involvement.

Glenn IvesThis year, the SAF Alumni Achievement Award was presented to Glenn Ives (BMath ’84), Chairman of Deloitte Canada. Born in England, Ives graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Math in 1984 becoming Ontario’s Uniform Final Evaluation (UFE) gold medalist. Ives played an instrumental role in the School obtaining crucial approval from Chartered Accountants (CA) School of Business (CASB), to have the School’s program recognized and registered with the Western Canadian CA education program. This ensured Waterloo students received an exemption on the CASB education program.

Geoff HayesGeoff Hayes (Master of Accounting (MAcc) ’04), Manager of Business Planning and Analysis with Barrick Gold was the second award recipient of the night, accepting the Young Alumni Award. Hayes earned his Bachelor of Arts (Accounting), as well as his MAcc Degree from Waterloo seven years ago. Hayes has remained closely connected with the University and the School through his work as University of Waterloo’s Accounting Alumni Association President and as an SAF honouree since 2006.

Presenters at the awards dinner 2011Overall, one could say the 2011 Awards Dinner reflected the Schools long standing reputation for vision, growth, opportunity, and professionalism, which was clearly illustrated within “Vision and Challenge/Growth and Opportunity”, by bringing together a group of individuals who have helped shape the world of accounting and finance over the last three decades.

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