SAF student team takes first prize in the TMX CDS Finance Case Competition

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SAF student team takes first place in the TMX CDS Finance Case Competition

by Patty Mah, Associate Director Admissions and Communications

 Hasanain, Helen, Sophie, OniThe student team from the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) - Hasanain Habib-Nayany (AFM, 3A), Helen Hu (Math/CPA, 4A), Sophia Chen (AFM, 3A), and Onisifor Prisecaru (AFM, 4A) - came out victorious taking first place at this past weekend's Telfer School of Management's TMS CDS Finance Case Competition.

Hosted by the Telfer School of Management's Finance Society at the University of Ottawa, student teams from Ontario and Quebec universities were invited to compete in the annual TMX CDS Finance Case Competition. 

"The Telfer competition was a great way to apply the tools learned from the SAF Investment Fund in a fast-paced down-to-the-minute event," commented Hasanain who has been a member of the SAF's Student-run Investment Fund team. "Participants received a situation with an investment mandate and had four hours to prepare a full industry-level presentation using common research applications like Bloomberg. The victory is a testament to the quality of the programs we have here at the School of Accounting and Finance." 

This year's competition included for the first time an investment component which proved to be an exhilarating, real-world applicable challenge. The competition was judged by industry finance experts with cash prizes going to the top 3 winning teams.

Speaking on behalf of her team, Sophia felt the competition provided a great experience that "was both stressful and rewarding," and having industry professionals as judges it was "great to hear feedback from industry professionals to help us continue to improve."

Tom Scott, SAF Director congratulated and commended the team on their win. "This is a great achievement! To win a major competition is a special accomplishment that you have and will remember for your entire lives."

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