SAF Students Impress with Presentation Skills

Monday, April 24, 2017

Brent Small

Brent Small presents to future AFM students at an open house event.

By Carrie Gilmour

Industry professionals praise SAF students for their pedagogy, confidence, and presentation skills at industry conferences and competitions. A big proponent in the development of these skills is the the experiential learning components structured into theSAF programs such as Launch Your Career (LYC), the Professional Future’s Conference (PFC), workshops, and networking opportunities.

First-year students are exposed to techniques to develop their professional brand right from the very first month of school. These skills are enhanced in second year with the Professional Future’s Conference, designed to polish and perfect their networking and interview skills.

Not only are these skills vital to remain competitive in the co-op industry, but it also reflects on their public speaking abilities and confidence to present in front of an audience in a classroom or business setting.

It's normal to see SAF students rehearsing for their competitions and class presentations everywhere throughout Hagey Hall. This is encouraged by mentors and faculty members for the students to refine their talents; something that pays off and is regularly commented on by industry professionals.

The SAF is proud of all of our student winners and competitors but often only first-place standings are ever given media attention. SAF would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students who have participated and showcased their abilities at conferences, workshops, and competitions and grown and learned throughout the process.

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