SAF Teams take 1st place at Battle on Bay

Monday, February 26, 2018
by Vivian Diec, Web and Media Coordinator

Two teams represented the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) at this year’s Battle on Bay competition held at Ryerson University of which one of the teams took home first place! This year marks the third consecutive year to which a University of Waterloo team has won the Battle on Bay Competition!

1st place team, Battle on BayThe competition which took place on January 13 and 14, was a unique and intellectually challenging opportunity for students to analyze real world financial cases and scenarios. The delegates competed against teams from over 10 different schools across Canada in 2 rounds.

“We found this to be a great experience as we applied the skills we had learned through school, work, and previous competitions,” notes Mian, pictured with his team at right (L-R:Ahzam Ahmed, Ismail Mian, Hamza Syed)

The theme for this year’s conference was ‘E-Commerce’. The first round required the teams to perform a full strategic and financial analysis of the given company, Shopify. In the final round, a ‘crisis case’ was given to the teams to work through and presented to all the delegates and judges. Judges were comprised of experienced professionals in the field of E-Commerce or Finance.

Battle on Bay - 1st place team with organizers

In addition to taking first place, the SAF would also like to congratulate Ismail Mian and Annu Puri in capturing 2 of the 3 All-Star Awards for outstanding individual delegates who stood out from the rest! 

It was a great experience to work with each other on one last case competition before graduation. Having spent four years studying and developing as professionals together we were able to work very well together. We leveraged our diverse experiences across consulting, investment banking, and private equity as well as our knowledge from the class room to perform and present meaningful analysis under strict time constraints.

ISMAIL Mian, 4th year, AFM
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