Roseline Y

AFM Student

Roseline's Undergraduate Experience at SAF

Although I am still a big advocate of planning for your future, I now see my pathway as being more flexible and am in the process of preparing myself for whatever my future will hold.

Roseline Y., AFM Student


So far, Roseline has completed three work terms with PwC Toronto, working as a New Associate at the start of her co-op journey, advancing to an Experienced Associate in Assurance for her second and third work terms. Some of the responsibilities she has had as a co-op student at PwC Toronto include doing year-end field work, communicating with clients and the team, planning for year-end audit and providing final deliverables.

Co-op is about learning skills in the professional world and taking on challenges as you progress and Roseline does just that. By showing her dependability as an employee to her supervisors, she has been able to return to the same company with increased responsibilities. Ultimately, seeking opportunities to develop professionally will help Roseline in preparation for future challenges.


Two main extracurricular activities that Roseline takes part in are the Fellowship program at the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF), and AIESEC, an organization where individuals can volunteer, teach, and intern abroad. By taking the first step and signing up, Roseline got the opportunity to teach others and realized that teaching is something she is passionate about! After being actively involved in the community, Roseline is now “more inspired to pursue mentorship and roles related to teaching in the future.”

Trying out new activities is what Roseline is all about. Volunteering as an English teacher in Taiwan through AIESEC, Roseline learned what it means to work internationally, and it has helped her become more culturally aware. “I am definitely open to more international work experiences in the future as I enjoyed learning to adapt to a new culture and working with a diverse range of people”.

Career Goals

Roseline is enjoying the work she is currently doing as an Auditor and has plans to continue learning through this position in the future. Through the Auditor role, Roseline is able to understand the business from the inside out. Additionally, it allows her to see how the accounting principles she learned in her courses can play out to real-life clients.

Taking from her extracurricular experiences in AIESEC, Roseline hopes to explore more opportunities in international business and possibly delve into teaching in the distant future. Others only dream, but Roseline dreams and takes the action. To reach her long-term goal, she plans to continue participating “in international opportunities in [her] extracurriculars such as volunteering and working overseas or working on teams that promote diversity and have a global vision."

Lessons Learned

Starting out her undergraduate journey, Roseline thought she had her whole career planned out: work at a ‘big four’ accounting firm during her co-op terms and work towards her CPA. Although these activities are still her current plans, Roseline learned an impactful lesson that has helped her navigate her journey more effectively. That is to embrace uncertainty.

After seeking out different experiences, Roseline is all about learning from each one and opening her eyes up to the different opportunities that will come her way. “Although I am still a big advocate of planning for your future, I now see my pathway as being more flexible and am in the process of preparing myself for whatever my future will hold”. Roseline won’t stop exploring and is always enthusiastic about the lessons she will learn throughout her career.