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The achievements of our school faculty have been recognized by the accounting profession, the university, academic colleagues in Canada and around the world, and other award-granting organizations.

The SAF hired 4 new faculty members in the Fall 2015 term

Jeong-Bon Kim: Vice President of the International Association of Accounting Education and Research, Dr. Jeong Bon Kim is a globally respected researcher. He comes to University of Waterloo from the City University of Hong Kong and is appointed as the incoming J. Page R.Wadsworth Chair.

David Ha: David Ha is a CPA certified, BAFM and MAcc graduate from the University of Waterloo. He currently teaches introductory business courses to undergraduates and continues to focus his research in the enhancement of teaching and learning.

Dr. Xuyang Ma: Dr. Ma holds PhD in Finance and continues to make headway in financial research.

Dr. Sasan Saiy: With a PhD in Accounting, Dr. Saiy focuses his time in the field of economic research.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Three SAF faculty members were honoured with the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal which is awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to the profession.

Finance Professor Blake Phillips investigates copycat funds

Finance Professor Blake Phillips recently discovered that copycat funds are only successful for a short period of time and require no real “skill” to produce effectively in the long run.

SAF Professor's research receives international recognition

University of Waterloo co-author Blake Phillips, is awarded the special distinction award by the Journal Of Investment Management (JOIM) on the 2008 SEC short sale ban.

Professor Ranjini Jha mentors students on managing a real life stock portfolio

A team of students from the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) are getting an opportunity to invest in the stock market after an anonymous donor committed $250,000 to the University of Waterloo for a student-run investment fund.

Corporations shop around from country to country for the best deal they can get on taxes

Ken Klassen reports that corporations, “(have) the tendency is to engage in income shifting; the moving of profits to where the tax regime allows a company to be more profitable.”

The new Finance & Data Analytics Lab offers a bridge between academic theory and the workings of capital markets. The lab offers students direct exposure to real-life decision making in financial markets, and provides hands-on, interactive experiential learning. 

  • The lab comprises 52 workstations, 2 back-up stations, and an instructor podium.
  • Work stations have 2 screens. Students can work on a spreadsheet on one screen while referring to a data source on the other screen.
  • Students develop their skills in using powerful business software and industry databases such as Capital IQ, Thomson Reuters Eikon, IDEA, Tableau, Python, R, Simulation Software and SAS. 
  • Instructors work from the podium or move through the lab to provide instruction and advice.
  • Instructors can display a spreadsheet on one screen and a data source on the other screen.
  • Dual large-format screens throughout the lab ensure everyone can participate.
  • Instructors can pull up an individual student’s work to share with the whole class.
  • Students can use the lab for their work on the Student Investment Fund and related learning projects.