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Want to connect with an upper year SAF Student? Join Ten Thousand Coffees now!

Wondering what the life of an SAF student looks like? Looking to build your network?

The School of Accounting and Finance wants to introduce you to current students so you can meet up for casual 30 minute conversations in-person or online. Over 300 current students have joined the SAF Student Connects Café and are eager to meet incoming SAF students like you in order to share their experiences, answer questions, and provide guidance.

Click below, share your interests, and our networking partner, Ten Thousand Coffees will introduce you to another member every 4 weeks to ask questions and build a SAF relationship over coffee.

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When setting up your profile, please:

  • Job title – “1st year student"
  • Organization name – “AFM or Math/CPA or Science/CPA or CFM”
  • Select the correct role – “SAF Student – Class of 2023”

Our senior students look forward to hearing from you soon!