Your experience matters

Your co-op

SAF students train hard and fast for the business world. Being in a co-op only program means that you'll test-drive your professional qualities by integrating your knowledge and skills in 4 (AFM, Biotech/CPA, Math/CPA) to 6 (CFM) paid co-op work terms. The experiential learning that happens through your course work and co-op work terms will build a pathway that hones your interests, accelerates your professional development, and give you a competitive advantage.

AFM, Biotech/CPA, Math/CPA: Work in financial management roles in major corporations, start-ups, public agencies and not-for-profit organizations; student accountants in public accounting firms and a variety of roles in financial services.

CFM: Work in financial management and computer science roles in major corporations and professional services firms (including financial services), start-ups, public agencies and not-for-profit organizations.