Co-op Work Experience and the CPA Certification Program

The CPA certification program includes prerequisite education, professional education, a common final examination and a practical experience requirement.  If you would like your co-op work experience to be considered towards the practical experience requirement of the CPA Certification Program, you should register with CPA Ontario as a co-op student. Not all co-op work experiences will qualify. Learn more about the CPA Ontario's practical experience requirements

Registration as a co-op student comes at a cost. Student fees are due to CPA Ontario upon registration and annually thereafter.  You are responsible for paying these fees.  Payment of fees is required to maintain your registration. Failure to pay your fees and remain in good standing has significant consequences, including a formal process to re-apply which is not guaranteed. Student fees are currently $300 per year but are subject to change. Please refer to CPA Ontario Regulation 4-2 for further information on fees.