Class Champions

We want to help you stay connected as a class in any way that we can.  To facilitate this, in 2009, the Class Champion program was launched.  Class Champions are representatives of their cohort to help keep you connected to each other, as well as to the School.

Thank you to our class champions for keeping the connections between classes and the School of Accounting and Finance strong.

If you want to or know someone who wants to lead your class, let us know by reaching out to Sheilaah Guthrie.

    25th MAcc Reunion

    Gavin Swartzman (MAcc ’88), former VP on the UW SAF Alumni Association celebrated his 25th reunion on campus with an amazing opportunity for him and his classmates to reconnect and be involved with The School. With his idea, this inspired us at the School to help facilitate a reunion for each of the MAcc classes as they celebrate their 25th year reunion.

    Alumni from each class have acted as champions or leaders for the program and the fundraising. The program has raised an overall total of $491,400

    The programs that the MAcc reunion have supported include:

    • Student Venture Fund
    • Alumni Excellence Endownment Fund
    • International Study Trip
    • MAcc Class Scholarship
    • David T. Carter Scholarship
    • Jim Barnett Tax Experiential Award

    Is your 25th reunion coming up?  We are here to help you reconnect with your classmates.  Reach out to Sheilaah Guthrie for more information

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