Q1:. Who are my academic advisors for Accounting and Financial Management (AFM)?

Aziza Chaudhry is the Administrative Coordinator and Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Studies and Darren Charters is the Undergraduate Officer for the School of Accounting and Finance. They work together to provide counselling to AFM students. The assistance may range from answering basic questions to very hands-on assistance helping students deal with more challenging matters. 

In a professional program our goal in advising is to normally try and help students in such a way that they are trained to help themselves in the future.  There is an old saying that says “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”.  In that respect we really want to position you to help yourself, although we are sensitive to the fact that there are times when we need to provide very direct and hands-on assistance to, and for, students who are experiencing particularly challenging circumstances.

Q2. If I have a question about the program who do I contact?

Contact Aziza Chaudhry, the School of Accounting and Finance’s Academic Advisor. She will answer questions for you or direct you as required to resolve your question. Generally, Darren Charters will get involved as necessary working in tandem with Lisa.

Q3. If I have a question about the MAcc or Diploma program who do I contact?

Stephanie Cooper is a faculty member in the SAF and is the Associate Program Director of the MAcc and Diploma program.  If you have specific questions pertaining to graduate studies (including admissions requirements) it is best to speak to her. Aziza and Darren will answer your questions if possible - but it is common for them to direct a student to Stephanie for confirmation of their answer in any event.