Create your experiential advantage

Your degree is designed to launch your career quickly by offering four types of in and out-of-class experiences. These experiences connect you with outstanding classmates, faculty, staff, employers, alumni and others so that you can grow personally and professionally.

These experiences develop your knowledge, skills and professional qualities by strengthening your understanding of concepts and allowing you to apply and integrate what you know in the real world. And in the real world, your experience matters!  

Navigate opportunities in each of these areas during your 4 years as a SAF student.

  1. Academic
  2. Career
  3. Community
  4. Health


Learn to learn with outstanding peers

  • Hone your learning strategies to succeed
  • Build strong foundations in both accounting and finance in years one and two
  • Explore and develop your specialty interests in years three and four and work towards one or more professional designation(s)
  • Apply your knowledge and skills in both accounting and finance to showcase your potential


Leverage your co-op and career advantage

  • Develop your personal brand to make an impression
  • Build your real professional network to uncover opportunities
  • Gain valuable co-op work experience to apply and integrate what you know 
  • Navigate opportunities to launch your career  

Community. Make an impact on your community

  • Have fun with your classmates to develop the team
  • Build and manage your relationship by attending or running social events
  • Make an impact by organizing a conference or participating in an on or off campus initiative 

Your healthExercise your body and mind

  • Manage your energy and stay healthy to make the most of your experiences and succeed both in and outside the classroom