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  • Doctor of Philosophy (Social Work), Wilfrid Laurier University, 2012
  • Master of Arts, (Community Psychology), Wilfrid Laurier University, 2007
  • Master of Arts, (Counselling Psychology), Jamaica, 1998
  • Bachelor of Arts, Jamaica, 1996


School of Social Work, Renison University College 

University of Waterloo   

240 Westmount Road North, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G4 

Tel: 519-888-4567 x28680 


Courses Taught at Renison

SWK 600: Diversity and Health 

SWK 601: Health Policy 

SWK 604: Evaluation of Health and Human Service Programs 

SWK 672/472: Canada Mexico International Learning Experience 

SWREN 422: Advanced Macro Practice 

SWREN 431: Integrative Fields of Practice 


Dr. Kathy Hogarth is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work whose primary areas of research, service and teaching are on critical race, racism and equity in Canada and international contexts. She provides service to the institution in many capacities including serving as the equity lead for the University’s union and chairing the anti-racism taskforce. She has extensive experience in the work of equity, diversity and inclusion and, in addition to her work within the university she also engages the wider community as an equity and race consultant, speaker, and trainer. She is particularly interested in organizational and societal transformation that leads to more equitable and just worlds.  

Community Service 


Hogarth, K, (In Press). Teaching Change: Navigating the Tensions in Social Change Pedagogy.  In R. Csiernik, (Ed.), Teaching Social Work: Pedagogy and Practice. University of Toronto Press. 

Hogarth, K. (2019). Decolonization and Internationalization: Critical Challenges for Social Work Education in Canada, Social Dialogue, Iss.21, 5-7.  

Hogarth, K & Fletcher, W. (2018). A Space for Race: Decoding Racism, Multiculturalism and Post Colonialism in the Quest for Belonging. Oxford University Press. 

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Hogarth, K. (2015). Home without Security and Security without Home. Journal of International Migration and Integration.  16:783-798. DOI 10.1007/s12134-014-0367-z 

Hogarth, K. & Ashcroft R. (2013). In Critical Demand or Crisis: Exploring the Identity and Relevance of Canadian Social Work. Perspectives on Social Work. Vol. 9 (2), 31-42. 

Hogarth, K. (2011). Contested Belonging: The experiences of racialized immigrant women in Canada. The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations. Vol. 10, (5), 63-74 

Selected Technical Reports 

Campbell, C., Hogarth, K. & Albert, H. (2020). Educational Policies and Standards (EPAS 2020). Canadian Association for Social Work Education. Ottawa, ON. 

Hogarth, K. & Radstake-Juma, F. (2017). Ubuntu Kids Club: A Process and Outcome and Evaluation. African Canadian Association of Kitchener Waterloo and Area. Kitchener, ON. 

Hogarth, K. (2015).  Waterloo Region Community Safety and Well-Being: Thinking about Community. Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation, Kitchener, ON.  

Digital Media Publications  

Hogarth, K. & Mike, C. (2018). I am Caribbean. Addressing misconceptions at the University of Waterloo YouTube 

Hogarth, K. & Mike, C. (2018). I am African. Addressing misconceptions at the University of Waterloo 



Selected Media Interviews and Presentations 

June 17, 2020. CBC K-W The Morning Edition: What will it take to end racism?  

June 15, 2020. TVO, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. What does it mean to be an ally?  

June 6, 2020. CBC. Acknowledging Canadian black history crucial in fighting systemic racism 

June 5, 2020. The Canadian Press. ‘Discomfort is part of change’: How to be an ally in fighting anti-black racism 

June 3, 2020. Global news ‘We are not better than the U.S.’: Expert slams premiers’ comments on racism in Canada 

November 11, 2019. Global News, Toronto:  “They fought to fight: How Black Canadians battled racism to serve the country 

September 20, 2019. Global News:”Boxing in the wind: Why White Canadians struggle to talk about racism.  

September 19, 2019. Toronto Star: Trudeau’s Black Face 

August 7, 2019. Global News: Living in Colour 


Invited Keynotes and Addresses 

Hogarth, K. (June 10, 2020). Academics- Crafting a Social Work Memoire - COVID-19 Regional and International Perspectives. University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Barbados. (Webinar) 

Hogarth, K. (February, 2020). Decolonizing our Practice: 157 Years Post Emancipation why are we still talking about decolonization? Family and Children Services Waterloo Region, Waterloo, ON 

Hogarth, K. (January, 2020). School Social Work: A North American Snapshot. Capacity Building Workshop on Social Work, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia  

Hogarth, K. (November, 2019). Making a Space for Race in Social Work Practice, Webinar, CASW and CASWE  

Hogarth, K. (February, 2019) 2019 A Space for Race in the Academy. Trent University, Peterborough, ON 

Hogarth, K. (January, 2018). Challenges to the Social Work Profession in the Global North: Issues and Opportunities. International Association of Social Work Education: Dancing on Live Wires. Zagreb, Croatia 

Hogarth, K. (November 2017). We are not racists: We are Canadians. Eh? Extended Learning Opportunities, Erin, ON 

Hogarth, K. (June, 2017). Aging and Diversity in Waterloo. Age Friendly City. Waterloo, ON 

Hogarth, K. (October 2016). Women in Leadership Forum. Waterloo Region Police Services, Kitchener, ON 


Recent Conferences

Hogarth, K. (2018). Race representation in Schools of Social Work. Social Work and Social Development World Conference, Dublin Ireland. July 2018 

Hogarth, K. (2018). The Relevance of the Global Standards to the Global North. Council on Social Work Education. Orlando, FL. November, 2018. 

Hogarth, K, Miller, W.; Vankatwyk, P.; Chau, S.; & Freemond, B. (2018).  Beyond Safe Spaces: Navigating race and power in the academy. Canadian Association of Social Work Educators, Regina, SK, May 2018.  

Hogarth, K. (2017). Challenges with Global Standards for Social Work Education. Council on Social Work Education. Dallas, TX. October 2017.  

Hogarth, K. (2017). Understanding the Lived Experiences of Jamaican Immigrant Youth in Canada. Association of Caribbean Schools of Social Work. Kingston, Jamaica, June 2017.  

Hogarth, K. (2017). Engaging Benevolence. Legacies of Social Welfare work in Canada, Brantford ON, WLU, October 2017. 

Hogarth, K. (2016).  Disrupting Canada’s Multicultural Discourse. Seoul, South Korea, June, 2016. 


Selected Research Projects

Hogarth, K. Race Representation in South Western Ontario Tech Industry. (Funded by Mitacs)  

This research explores how, to what extent, race is represented in Southwestern Ontario’s tech industry. In so doing, it will determine if, and if so, to what extent, there is there is a race equity pay gap. It will provide a baseline assessment of to what extent race is represented in SWO’s tech industry. Important to this research is understanding how intersection race, gender, age and other such factors intersect. The research will take place in three phases over a one-year period using both qualitative and quantitative measures. The research will have three potential outputs with relevance to both the tech industry and academia.  

Mike, C. & Hogarth, K. I am Caribbean/I am African. (Funded by UW International) 

This research explored the experiences of racialized students from Caribbean and African heritage at the University of Waterloo. Data was collected from approximately 80 students and findings were published in two brief media clips. This research project served as the base for a more elaborated study taking into consideration greater ethnic dimensions and university statuses.  

Novotna, G., Gebhard, A., McNeil, B., Luhanga, F., Oba, F. & Hogarth, K. Experiences of Racialized Students in Education, Nursing and Social Work University Programs in Saskatchewan. (Funded by SSHRC) 

LaFreniere, G., Hogarth, K., Absolon, K; Brookfield, T., Kennedy-Kish Bell, B., Leduc, T. “Legacies of Social Welfare Work in Canada,” (Funded by SSHRC Connection Grant) 

Hogarth, K.  Exploring the Coping Mechanisms of Racialized Immigrant Men Experiencing Ethnocultural Allodynia. (Funded by CIHR Incentive Fund) 

This is an exploratory study of the incidence of ethnocultural allodynia in males and to a lesser extent measuring the prevalence of specific symptoms of ethnocultural allodynia to tap into these specific stress reactions and to explore the individual coping mechanisms that have been developed to deal with these experiences.  

Hogarth, K. Gonzalez Hernandez, M. & Gil Garcia, C.  - Building a model of Economic and Social Development in Marginalized Communities in Canada and Mexico. (Waterloo International, International Partnership Development Grant) 

This is a partnership/capacity-building project whose outcome is the development of funding proposals for creating a conceptual and applied framework of self-sustaining community development to address and combat poverty in Mexico and Canada. The proposed project goes beyond the simple identification of best practices and the exchange of expert knowledge by creating a critical framework for an integrated social and economic development and then testing its efficacy in both locations 

Hogarth, K. Community Safety and Well-Being Initiative. (Funded by KW Community Foundation, Waterloo Regional Police Services & United Way of Kitchener Waterloo) 

The goal of this project was to facilitate an exploratory process among various community agencies within the Waterloo Region to assess the feasibility of implementing a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.  

Hogarth, K. & Okeleke-Nezianya, V. Ethno-Cultural Allodynia among Racialized Population in Canada and the United Kingdom (Funded by University of Waterloo SSHRC Seed Grant) 

A pilot project to test the efficacy of a developing tool titled The Ethno-cultural Allodynia Checklist of Symptoms” (ECAS). The operational definition of ECA is the severe impact of racism characterized by alteration of behaviour provoked by actions/comments in an interpersonal relationship with a non-racialized (white) person that would ordinarily not produce such behavioural alterations. The ECAS was developed by modifying a number of existing measures, including Hopkins Symptom checklist (HSCL) and the Schedule of Racist Events (SRE).  


Selected Special Projects

Hogarth, K. (2019-20xx). Developing an International Program: A feasibility Plan  

This feasibility study explores the possibility of developing an international program in social work to complement an already well-established graduate program. Feasibility testing is being done across several continents with multiple international partners.  

Campbell, C., Hogarth, K.,  &. Albert, H. (2016 – 2020). Educational Policies and Standards Review. CASWE 

A five-year intensive review of the Educational Policies and Standards (EPAS) for Accreditation of Canadian Schools of Social work. The review resulted in an extensive revision of all the domains of the EPAS and involved extensive consultation with a variety of groups and at all levels of social work education in Canada. A new set of new and revised standards to guide institutions and the accreditation process across Canadian Schools of Social Work for the next 8 years was presented to the CASWE Board in summer 2020 


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