2019 Spring Volunteer Recruitment

As summer approaching, 2019 Science 2+2s will come to Waterloo soon. We will hold a series of events to welcome them, just as you remembered. And as a tradition, we will need your kindly help to make magic happen.


We will hold the following events between July and September:

  • Airport Pick-up: This event requires half day training but everyone will have a school T-Shirt! The pick-up date will be at July 16, we will departure from school around 3 pm. We will also cover your transportation to home afterwards!
  • Meet new students: All the new students and faculty members will be there and we will need your help to arrange the food and beverage. You can also help us to welcome the new students and talk with faculty members.
  • Upper year talk: a causal event where the new students can learn some tips from you. 


If you are interested in attending any of the events above, please fill the form below. We will contact you shortly. 

Thank you all for your interest!

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