Science and Business

What is Science and Business

Science and Business? What's that?

  • A paradigm shift: Your specialty doesn't have to be limited to one area. Waterloo offers 3 programs under the Science and Business umbrella that combine practical, comprehensive business skills with domain expertise in the sciences, get the in-depth study of both.
  • A challenge to think differently: See science and business as two connected concepts, with graduates (you!) that bridge the gap—in knowledge, communication and capability—between the two fields.
  • A jumpstart for your career: An impressive Bachelor of Science degree that's so much more than just science.

From tech start-ups to medical diagnostic firms, organizations need work-ready professionals that have expertise in multiple fields. Go from explaining the science behind a new product to presenting the commercial launch!

3 streams of study that help you reach your goals

  • Science and Business
    Choose your specialization from 7 possible scientific disciplines, or stay unspecialized and choose the courses you'll need, to prime you for the future you want. Use electives to personalize your degree and you'll graduate as an expert in a field of science you're passionate about, with a versatile set of business skills. You'll be an asset right away, on any project. You can also include cooperative work experience in your study, with all the benefits that brings. Not only will you be an authority in your subject area, but you'll also be a triple threat with your scientific expertise, business skills and experiential learning!
  • Biotechnology and Economics
    Gain a solid foundation in economic theory, sharpen your business acumen, and build your expertise in an exciting, high demand field of science or technology. Add your required co-operative work experience to the mix and you'll graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to make an impact, no matter where you land.
  • Biotechnology and Chartered Professional Accountancy
    Graduate with an elite, cutting edge science degree and the tools to address the heart of business. Be ready to take on the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) or the Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree. Build your future with this unique program (the only one in the country) offering accounting, biotechnology and co-operative work placements and gain practical work experience that will set you apart.
  1. Aug. 10, 2020Celebrating WatSolve
    Handshake with blue Waterloo branded mug and notebook on the table.

    WatSolve Consulting Group celebrates a milestone by working with 22 start-ups in KW! WatSolve is a pro-bono student-led group within the Science and Business Program.

  2. Oct. 8, 2019New Global Experience Course Pairs Science and Entrepreneurship in Israeli Setting
    SCI 230 class in Israel

    Walking the streets of Jerusalem, swimming in the Dead Sea, and visiting the Holocaust memorial museum Yad Vashem are not the typical types of experiences that come to mind when imagining an undergraduate business class. Yet these are some of the highlights of the new SCI 230 class offered through the Faculty of Science.

  3. May 1, 2019Dr. Kashif Memon honoured at the Volunteer Impact Awards
    Dr. Kashif Memon honoured at the Volunteer Impact Awards

    Kashif Memom, Academic Advisor, Science and Business was recently honoured at the Volunteer Action Centre's 14th annual Volunteer Impact Awards celebration for his mentorship and his community involvement. The citation reads "A highly respected advisor and lecturer in the Faculty of Science at the University of Waterloo, Kashif has impacted the lives of approximately 3000 students since 2005," says the award citation. "Receiving numerous awards for teaching and mentorship, he has achieved highest coop placement and highest employment levels among programs in his faculty.

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