Submitting your work report

Your work report is due on the fifth day after classes start. Work Reports will only be collected electronically on Learn. Only .doc, .docx, and .rtf formats will be accepted. Please contact Rebecca Gibbins if there is an issue. There is no need to print and bind your report, unless your employer has specifically asked you to do so.

Work report guidelines

(For Science and Business, Biotech/Econ, Biotech/CA only)

The report should be clearly written and professional:

  • The report should be 10-15 pages long, excluding figures and/or tables. This page limit applies to the introduction, analysis, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Double-space your work.
  • Use a 12-point font size.
  • Indent or leave a space between paragraphs.
  • Number the pages.
  • Use headings and subheadings.

Organize the sections in the following order

Title page

Include: Title, name of organization where you were employed, your name, ID, Faculty and University, Program, and date (month and year the report was completed).

Letter of transmittal

Address letter to: Kashif Memon, Advisor, Honours Science and Business Program, University of Waterloo. Single-space the letter.

Table of contents

Lists all the main sections in your report and any subsections with headings.

List of figures and tables (if applicable)

These two lists are listed separately and immediately after the table of contents. Do not list any tables or figures that are in the appendices.


The summary should not exceed one double-spaced page. Briefly mention the main points that will be covered in the report, and briefly include your recommendations. Explanations should be made in the body of the report, not in the summary.


This section presents your work and defines the problem or project.


This section analyze the problem.


Conclusions should be brief, but complete and understandable. Conclusions may only be drawn if they are supported fully by the body of your report.


This section includes any comments that you feel might assist in future activities.


The Report must be properly referenced. If you are unsure about how to correctly reference, there are many grammar books available in the University of Waterloo Bookstore.