Science & Business – Non Major Program 2016 Outline

Continuation in the Science and Business, Chemistry Specialization program requires a cumulative overall average of 65% and a cumulative Science average of 65%.


















AFM 131

CHEM 123/123L

CS 100

AFM 123

CORE Science Elective** ECON 201 CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective **
CHEM 120/120L CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective **
ECON 101
CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** ECON 102 CORE Science Elective ** CORE Science Elective ** Elective* CORE Science Elective **
MATH 127 MATH 128 CORE Science Elective ** AFM 231 SCBUS 323 ECON 344 Elective* Elective*




ECON 221

ECON 371

SCBUS 225 SCBUS 423 Elective*

*Electives - Of these four electives, one is a free elective, one must be a business elective, and the remaining two must be either business electives or Core Science courses. Business electives are normally chosen from the following: ACTSC 231, ECON 211, 220, 361, 372, HRM 200, 301, MSCI 311, 432, STAT 231, 333. HRM 200 and MSCI 311 are recommended. Other courses may be used as substitutes on approval of the Undergraduate Advisor.

Students can emphasize finance in their program by electing and/or substituting the following set of courses in meeting the Business requirements: STAT 230, 231, 333, ACTSC 231, 446, ECON 372. Course sequencing and pre-requisite information is available at the Science and Business Office.

** At least one of the following pairs of Core Science courses must be taken by the end of the 2B term:

EARTH 121/121L and EARTH 122/122L PHYS 121/121L and PHYS 122/122L BIOL 1.0 lecture unit (100- or 200-level, not 101)

Core Science includes Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics courses, but not "SCI"-labelled courses. BIOL 101 cannot be used towards Science and Business plans.


- Any 100-level Biology courses not required to meet the First Year Science requirement will be counted as 200-level Biology courses. 200-level Biology courses used to satisfy First Year Science requirements may not be reused to satisfy upper year requirements.

- Year One Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics courses must be taken with corresponding labs. For students taking Biology courses, the labs are recommended but not required. Students should note, however, that some upper year courses may require labs as prerequisites.

This program requires successful completion of at least 21.5 units. Of these at least 19.5 must be lecture units. 13.0 units must be Faculty of Science units, of which 3.0 units are "SCBUS"-labeled units. At least 6.0 of the 13.0 must be at or above the 200-level. At least 3.0 of the 6.0, non-"SCBUS" units, must be at the 300-or 400-level. 1.0 unit is MATH 127/128.