Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy program outline: Fall 2017 entry

There is an increasing involvement of business in the application of science and technology that is encouraged by a wide range of government incentives. As a result, there is a demand for professional accountants, who work in the public practice industry and government, and understand the specialized needs for services in these areas. The Faculty of Science, in co-operation with the School of Accounting and Finance, offers an Honours Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy Program which combines courses in Biotechnology with courses in Accounting and business-related areas of study. This program provides a unique opportunity to prepare professional accountants with an integrated educational experience for a role in providing accounting and advisory services in the rapidly growing science and technology business sector of the economy.

Successfully transforming research ideas to new productive processes and products requires knowledge not only of scientific principles but also of key economic concepts. As well as requiring familiarity with science policy, it necessitates forecasting the demand for new products or processes, assessing the market for new technologies, performing cost-benefit analyses of new projects and finding the financing for them. This program is designed to give students a dual capability as scientists and economists and prepare them for careers as economic forecasters, business economists, government economists, scientific research managers, or regulatory analysts.

Students considering a Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) designation should be aware of all CPA requirements.

Students are admitted directly into the program from high school but must successfully complete a provisional first year to proceed into the program in second year.

Continuation in the program requires a cumulative Science average of 65%, a cumulative Accounting average of 70% and a cumulative overall average of 70%.


















AFM 101

AFM 102 AFM 202 AFM 231 AFM 373 AFM 351 BIOL 331 AFM 401
SCBUS 225 BIOL 239 AFM 291 AFM 274 AFM 391 AFM 481 BIOL 432 AFM 462
BIOL 130 CHEM 123/123L CHEM 266/266L AFM 211 BIOL 342 BIOL 241 AFM 491 AFM 482
CHEM 120/120L ECON 101 ECON 102 CHEM 237 AFM 362 AFM 311 B/C ELECTIVE (1) 

BIOL 443

MATH 109 SPCOM 111 AFM 273 ECON 221 AFM 341 AFM 363 AFM 433 AFM 479

BIOL 240/240L

BIOL 309