Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy program outline: Fall 2021 entry

There is an increasing involvement of business in the application of science and technology that is encouraged by a wide range of government incentives. As a result, there is a demand for professional accountants, who work in the public practice industry and government, and understand the specialized needs for services in these areas.

The Faculty of Science, in co-operation with the School of Accounting and Finance, offers the Honours Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy plan. It combines courses in biotechnology, accounting and business-related areas of study, to provide a unique opportunity to prepare professional accountants with an integrated educational experience for a role in providing accounting and advisory services in the rapidly growing science and technology business sector of the economy.

Students considering a Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) designation should be aware of all CPA requirements.

Students are admitted directly into the plan from high school but must successfully complete a provisional first year to proceed into the second year.

Continuing in Honours Co-operative Biotechnology, Chartered Professional Accountancy requires a minimum cumulative Science average of 65%, a minimum cumulative Accounting average of 70%, and a minimum cumulative overall average of 70%.

1A Fall 1B Winter 2A Fall 2B Spring 3A Fall 3B Spring 4A Winter 4B Fall

AFM 112

AFM 113

AFM 206

AFM 291

AFM 273

AFM 274

AFM 373

AFM 462

AFM 191

AFM 121

AFM 208

BIOL 241

AFM 321

AFM 335

AFM 382

AFM 482

BIOL 130

AFM 182

AFM 212

CHEM 123/123L

AFM 341

AFM 362

AFM 433

AFM 491

BIOL 240/240L

BIOL 239

BIOL 309

ECON 102

AFM 391

AFM 451

BIOL 331

BIOL 443

ENGL 193/SPCOM 193


CHEM 120/120L


BIOL 342

CHEM 237

BIOL 432

BIOL/CHEM Elective



ECON 101


CHEM 266/266L




Successful completion requires:

  1. 22.0 units distributed as follows:
  2. Co-operative program requirements that include:


Fees for this plan are higher than some honours BSc plans because it is a high-fee plan.

Recommended Course Sequence

See co-op plan.