Applications for 2013-2014 Co-Leads are due on March 20th!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
We are looking to select two Co-Lead Ambassadors to direct the Science and Business Ambassador team for the academic year 2013-2014. As most of you are aware, the Science and Business Ambassadors act as mentors, who guide our students and organize various academic and social activities to bring the three disciplines together. The ambassadors work closely with the Resource Centre, and SciBus students to help their peers, alumni, and prospective students feel connected and involved. They host a number of events throughout the year including Resume Help Sessions, Mock Interviews, Mentorship program and the Annual Alumni Dinner.
As a Co-Lead of the Ambassador team, you will be responsible for:
1. Interviewing Ambassador applicants and choosing members of the team you will lead
2. Maintaining a strong line of communication with fellow ambassadors, the Resource Centre as well as SBSA
3. Represent the ambassador team at monthly coordinating committee meetings, headed by the Project Manager
4. Maintain a Mentorship Program as well as the Annual Alumni event and alumni relationships.
The selection process will involve submitting a written application, followed by an interview with the two current Co-Leads and the Project Manager.
The deadline for applying is Wednesday, March 20 at 2PM. Please contact Pragna at, if you are a Science and Business student who has not yet received the application form.
We look forward to reviewing your application!
Good luck!
Alice, Ketyurah and Pragna
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