Lani Labs develops Lanibox and web platform to make 3D printing more accessible

Friday, August 5, 2016

Science and Business alumnus Pablo Eder is determined to make 3D printers easier to use with his company Lani Labs.

Non-frequent 3D printer users might not realize just how complicated the process and technology behind 3D printing is. Users will input anywhere from 10-200 commands to generate a print, and are required to know specifics about slicing software, filament temperature, material, print speed and more.

Everyone wants to make it simple and easy but all the individual companies are trying to do that,” said Eder, Lani founder and CEO. "So you now have a universe of different formats for each printer and different software.

Lani Labs, has created a hardware product - the Lanibox. It's like a decoder, taking out the guesswork and letting the user just be creative.

It simply plugs into the 3D printer and will connect wirelessly to a phone, laptop or computer. Lanibox is an automation and management tool for 3D printers so they become easy-to-use 3D print centres for users.

Their software platform allows users to select a couple of options and press print. It's that easy.

The Lanibox will make 3D printing easy for users.

Lani Labs has recently partnered with Velocity Start, a 6000 sq ft on-campus space for students to connect and collaborate interested in entrepreneurship. The space includes a lounge and makerspace with 3D printers.

“At the moment, we are partnered with Velocity Start and are utilizing their space with the 3D printers they have, and will connect them with our Lanibox," said Jose Domingo, Lani's Head of Marketing. "This means the UWaterloo community can choose Velocity Start as a print centre and pick up their prints right on campus”.

Easy 3D printing is becoming a very highly sought after area to develop with major companies approaching him about Lani Labs’ advances and the potential for the company to spread the use of 3D printing.

Eder and his team see the future of 3D printing as fostering creative thinkers and designers, and Lani provides the tools for students to become those type of developers.

3D printing has always been hyped, but there’s always been a barrier to it," said Domingo. "We want to be the company who actually makes 3D printing accessible and democratizes that use of technology.

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