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Waterloo holds the 13th annual Fusion Conference

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 Fusion Conference This past weekend, the University of Waterloo held its 13th annual Fusion Conference. The student organized conference creates a space for individuals to share their passion for innovation and showcase their expertise.

The goal of Fusion is to teach delegates about current affairs, improve skill ability, diversify problem-solving approaches and inspire them to be world leaders in the fields of science, business and technology.

The two-day conference included speakers, workshops, employer expositions and a case competition. Speakers were from a variety of tech sectors including mobile gaming entrepreneurs, aerospace professionals, science startups, and more.

Harry Gandhi kicked off the conference and gave the keynote address. Gandhi is the CEO of Medella Health, a company developing smart contact lenses that monitor blood glucose levels for those with diabetes.

"The key to success is to go out there and actually put it into action."

Gandhi shared his insight on how he unified science with technology and business. During his speech, Gandhi addressed how he was able to cultivate his ideas and incorporate them into building a successful business.

"Waterloo breaks away from formal education and emphasizes learning outside of the classroom through Velocity and its co-op programs,” said Gandhi. “It lets students get hands-on experience in the workforce, giving them opportunities to be faced with problems and find solutions."

The second day of the Fusion Conference encouraged delegates to network through a more hands-on approach. Participating delegates worked in groups to prepare for the case competition, one of the highlights of Fusion.

The theme for this year's case competition focused on how diversity promotes innovation and was led by PwC. Each of the six teams competing had to interview the CEO, HR, IT and OPS (operations). Delegates worked as a team to collect their own information in order to solve the case. 

The winners of the 2017 Fusion case competition won coffee from PwC and $25 visa gift cards. Congratulations to Uday, Pruthvi, Jimmy, Maxwell, Britannia, Aswinie, Vishawa, and Annie from Team C for placing first in the case competition.

At the end of day two, delegates were invited to attend the gala, this year's newest edition to Fusion. The gala served as an appreciation to everyone for their hard work, bringing the successful event to a close.

The co-chairs of the executive team, Tim Zhang, Tian Gan and Gurlin Chudha, were very satisfied with the response this year's conference received. 

"The delegates were an absolute pleasure to have and we could not have asked for a better team to run the conference this year."

Delegates listening to speakers

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