• On-campus Science Computing offices are *open* with limited core hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Please contact a Science Computing representative for an appointment.
      • Due to reduced staffing, walk-ins may be disappointed.
      • Virtual support is still available at the above contacts or via Teams.
  • In-person access to the student computing labs (Nexus labs) is not currently available.

Mini Link Room Instructions

The Mini Link room is located in C2-278. It is a small classroom with built-in videoconferencing equipment that provides a link to the Guelph campus's link room. Here is a short, really helpful video containing complete instructions on its use:

Mini Link Room instructions

Powering up the system

  • Hold the power switch on the podium's control panel for 3 seconds approximately.
  • Press the AV1 button on the control panel for sound and video selection.
  • Both of buttons must be lit for the system to work.
  • As you press the power button, the display monitors will turn on after 5 seconds.
  • Use the projector's remote control to turn it on.
  • You will find connections for AC power, VGA, audio, and network on the podium. The system supports both widescreen and standard VGA resolutions.
  • To turn on the document camera, turn on the power button at the base of the camera.
  • To switch between a connected laptop & the document camera, press the “Extern” button on the camera.
  • To display the laptop or camera on the monitor, press the laptop button on the remote.

Making a call

  • On the main remote, Press the phone book key. 
  • Select “my contacts”, then select the appropriate remote site. The call should be made in a few seconds. The system will automatically answer inbound calls.
  • Ensure that the monitors and projector are turned on.

Enabling picture in picture mode

  • Picture in picture is turned on by default so that you can see your video.
  • To turn off picture in picture, press the home button on the main remote, and navigate to the appropriate menu.

Transmitting video

  • To transmit video from laptop or document camera, press the laptop button on the remote.
  • Turn on “extern” for external VGA devices, leave it off for document camera

Moving the cameras

  • The 2 cameras can be panned and zoomed independently using the remote
  • There are 5 keys that show up at the bottom of the monitor, these correspond to the 5 unmarked keys on top of the remote
  • Select one of the first 2 keys to reset the camera you want to its default settings
  • From here, you should be able to pan and zoom the camera of your choice as you like.

Ending a call

  • Press the “hang up” button on the remote
  • You will be prompted to confirm this on the monitor

Shutting down the system

  • Turn off the projector using the projector’s remote
  • A confirmation will show up on the projector screen; press the power button again to turn it off.
  • Verify that the projector is off (i.e not emitting any light)
  • Turn of the display monitor using the controls on the podium
  • Turn off the document camera by pressing the power button on the camera

*Ensure the room was left as you found it. Lock the door behind you.

*If you have further questions, please contact Paul Miskovsky.