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Assigning roles to attendees

How to assign the presenter role to attendees

Before a meeting | During a meeting

Before a meeting

In order to assign a role, a meeting must first be scheduled. To schedule a meeting, see Schedule a meeting. Once a meeting is scheduled, the following steps allow one to assign roles to attendees:

  • In Microsoft Teams, click on the calendar symbol on the left side of the screen.
  • Double click on the meeting that was created, in order to open a new page.
  • Under "Who can present?" there are a few options which allows one to assign roles
    • Everyone: Assigns the presenter role to everyone who joins the meeting.
    • People in my organization: If you are a member of an organization (Such as the University of Waterloo) only attendees who are also part of that same organization are given presenter privileges.
    • Specific people: Allows one to choose who will be given presenter privileges from a list of attendees.
    • Only me: Only you, the organizer, will have presenter privileges. All other attendees will not be presenter.

During a meeting

Note: if the meeting is a recurring one, changing the roles during a meeting will only apply this time. Next time, the meeting privileges wll be reset. In order to change the privileges permanently for a recurring meeting, see Before a meeting.

  • Click Show participants in the meeting controls panel in order to see a list of all the people currently in the meeting.

  • Hover over the name of the person whose role you want to change and select More options.

  • From there, select Make a presenter to give presenter privileges, or Make an attendee to remove presenter privileges.

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