WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) Access

Accessing the WVD | Connecting OneDrive to the WVD

Accessing the WVD

The instructions below detail how to sign in and out of the Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

Signing in to the WVD

  • Go to https://www.wvd.uwaterloo.ca/.
  • Enter your WatIAM credentials where prompted and click "Sign In."
    • Email: yourWatIAMuserid@uwaterloo.ca
    • Password: yourWatIAM password
  • Authenticate the 2FA prompt.
  • Optionally click "Yes" on the "Stay signed in?" prompt.
  • Click the desired icon (i.e SciPool1.)
    • An "Access local resources" window will appear, select the desired resources from the list then click "Allow."
  • Enter your WatIAM credentials again when prompted then click "Submit."
  • You will be logged into a tab that has a full Windows 10 desktop.
  • To connect OneDrive to the WVD see, connecting OneDrive to WVD.

Signing out of the WVD

  • Click the bubble in the top right corner of the tab to open the "User Account" dropdown menu.
  • Click the grey "Sign Out" button just below the bubble.
  • Select the account you wish to log out of from the "Pick an account" window.

Connecting OneDrive to the WVD

The instructions below detail how to manually sign in to your OneDrive account after connecting to the WVD. This is necessary because OneDrive in WVD doesn't auto sign in. You must sign in to your OneDrive account to access its files.

  • After you have signed into the WVD, in the Windows search bar type "OneDrive."
  • Open the OneDrive app, the blue cloud icon.
  • In the "Set up OneDrive" window enter yourWatIAMuserid@uwaterloo.ca then click "Sign in."
  • Enter yourWatIAM password where prompted and then click "Sign in."
  • Authenticate the 2FA prompt.
  • Enter your WatIAM password and authenticate using 2FA.
  • Click "Next" through all the OneDrive instructional prompts.
  • Optionally click "Get the mobile app" to download the OneDrive mobile app, or "Later" to skip this step.
  • Click "Open my OneDrive Folder." 
  • Your OneDrive is now connected to the WVD as shown by the little blue cloud icon appearing in the system tray.

Issues or Concerns?

Please contact the Science Computing Helpdesk.