About Science Innovation Hub

Science Innovation Hub sign

The Science Innovation Hub is the Faculty of Science’s newest scientific innovation and entrepreneurship support offering.

Our mandate is to grow and uplift University of Waterloo community members interested in student-driven venture creation and translational research. We’re achieving this through the coalescence of diverse, interdisciplinary resources across the University of Waterloo ecosystem and the dedication of community members such as you!

community living iconCapacity for over20different teams
microscope iconEquipped for general wet laboratory workspanning biological, chemical, and physical disciplines
3d printer iconA workshop areafor mechanical and electrical work and prototyping
outreach iconDedicated administrative support with on-site lab management and basic technical guidance
Connectivity iconAccess to the Faculty of Science’s resourcesincluding the Molecular Biology Core Facility, Science Technical Services, and more

As the saying goes: it takes a village. The Science Innovation Hub is striving to amass that village to support you through the entirety of your scientific innovation process. This means that each Science Innovation Hub team will have the following support structure created around them, tailored to their individual needs and research focuses:

  • Technical advisement from the University of Waterloo faculty community and beyond
  • Business advisement in collaboration with the Faculty of Science’s Science and Business program as well as from dedicated alumni with significant lived experience in scientific venture creation and growth
  • General business support through activated student groups such as WatSolve

We’ve opened our doors January 2020 and are excited to have a few things lined up in the coming months, including installation of some significant wet lab infrastructure to better support our inaugural cohort and this year’s iGEM team! You can watch it all happen and stay in the know through the Faculty of Science’s social media pages (FacebookTwitterInstagram).