Faculty of Science Launches Innovation Hub

Friday, January 17, 2020

An exciting and innovative transition has been taking place in the Faculty of Science, and we are now pleased to announce the opening of the Science Innovation Hub!

Science Innovation Hub logo

The Science Innovation Hub is using the fantastic framework of student entrepreneurship and scientific discovery made possible by Velocity Science, while transitioning to a new, collaborative environment with a University-wide focus on real-world problem solving within science. This transition focuses on solidifying and developing partnerships with existing science-focused entrepreneurial groups across campus. These groups include Concept, iGEM, St. Paul’s Greenhouse, E-coop (Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business), and will soon be expanded to include other partnerships including international co-op student opportunities. By housing each of these partnerships in the same space, the Faculty of Science hopes to create a multi-level environment of interdisciplinary problem solving.

The Innovation Hub will not only provide members with communal lab space and guidance and resources for scientific problem solving, but will also actively link members with Science Faculty advisors both from related science disciplines and from our science and business program. Additionally, to foster a community amongst each team, the Science Innovation Hub is establishing a “social collision” space and is planning a workshop series with international business partners.

“The Faculty of Science is proud to launch this initiative to raise the bar on supporting students, staff, and faculty members in moving the needle forward on innovation and interdisciplinary research,” said Bob Lemieux, Dean of Science. “I look forward to seeing the scientific achievements that come out of the Innovation Hub!”

The Innovation Hub welcomes all students, faculty, and staff from any faculty across campus who are looking for space and support in developing their science-based ideas, and translating them to real-world solutions. If you have any questions, or would like more information about the Hub and application processes, please reach out to the Science Coordinator, Vivian Cheung. For information about the Faculty advisor network, or the Science Innovation Hub programming please contact the Director of Translational Initiatives, Dr. Roderick Slavcev.

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