Resources and services

equpiment in the Science Innovation HubWe offer research-ready laboratory workspace for those within the University community who are focused on innovative scientific entrepreneurship and research. With well-maintained communal labatory equpiment and a dedicated workshop with a variety of workshop tools, the Science Innovation Hub is more than ready to support your work.

Equipment List

The Science Innovation Hub currently has the following equipment to support the innovative work that our teams perform:

  • ULT freezer for long-term sample storage
  • Flammables-compatible refrigerator
  • Laboratory freezers
  • Fumehoods
  • Centrifuges for small and large sample size processing, including an aerosol-tight unit for biological samples
  • Static and shaking incubators capable of low temperatures for recombinant protein work and growth of a variety of microorganisms
  • Gravity ovens
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometers
  • And more….

Prototyping lab

workshop items in the science innovation hubOur workshop may be small but it is mighty. We have a number of hand tools and a soldering station for basic electrical work. And if you ever find you don’t have something you need here, we have Science Technical Services on-hand to support you in any of your prototyping needs.