Year and Program: 4A Biochemistry

Best Experience at UW: Lab courses and being an orientation leader!

Future Goals: Graduate school

Advice for First-Year Students: Take time to care for yourself! School is important but your well-being is much more important. Go to class, sleep regular hours, balance your academic and social life etc... Also, do not be afraid to get help with anything if you need it! 

STC 1042

Year and Program: 4A Biochemistry

Best experience at UW: I have loved getting to work with student staff in my time here. From dons, to orientation leaders, science ambassadors and outreach staff and volunteers!

Future goals: I'd like to work in education

Advice for science students: Find something that you love to do and get involved with it!

Year and Program: Fourth year Biology

Best experience at UW: I really enjoyed the Science Society end of term event in Winter 2018. It was a lot of fun and a great way to decompress before the start of finals.

Future goals: I will be applying to the Ontario Veterinary College at Guelph in this upcoming year. I hope to one day work with exotic species, possibly at a zoo or wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Advice for science students: My biggest piece of advice for any UW student would be to attend all of your lectures and be active in your own learning. Learning and retaining concepts and information is a lot easier when you acquire it on a regular schedule. Going to lectures also allows for quick clarifications with your professors, and time out of class can then be used for review rather than initial learning.

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