The Science Society team

There are numerous coordinator positions available within the Science Society. These positions are open to any society member. While most Coordinator positions are appointed by the executive, a few, including the Administrative Coordinator and Financial Associate, must be approved by the Board.

Janet, Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Our administrative coordinator is Janet Tan.

Advocacy Team

Advocacy Coordinator

Our advocacy team consists, Mahnoor Mazhar, Lucy Huang, and Veronica Chan.

The CnD Manager Team

CnD Manager

Our CnD Managers are Ahmed Mohammad, Yousif Majid, Sarika Paramananthan, Akshay Jogoo, and Linda Sito.

The Creative Directors

Creative Director

Our creative directors are Amy Lim and Shivangi Chaudhary.

The Event Coordinator Team

Event Coordinator

Our event coordinators are Glenda Thai, Eugene Xu, and Andrea Choi.

Calin, External Coordinator

External Coordinator

Our external coordinator is Calin Lazarescu.

Philip, Financial Associate

Financial Associate

Our financial associate is Philip Johnsen.

The First Year Representative Team

First Year Representative

Our first year representatives are Anton Chow, Zahra Hassan, and Alina Arvisais.

The Gradball Coordinator Team

Gradball Coordinator

Our gradball coordinators are Richard Nguyen, Sureka Vishnumoorthy, and Alvin Hong.

The Marketing Coordinator Team

Marketing Coordinator

Our marketing coordinators are Danesh Nedaie and Harisaa Selvanayagam.

The Media Coordinator Team

Media Coordinator

Our media coordinators are Alex Telesz and Michelle Ha.