Coordinator Team

There are numerous coordinator positions available within the Science Society. These positions are open to any society member. While most Coordinator positions are appointed by the executive, a few, including the Administrative Coordinator and Financial Associate, must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Omar, Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Our administrative coordinator is Omar Hajjaj.

Advocacy Coordinator

Advocacy Coordinator

Our advocacy coordinators are Eugene Xu, Alyssa Huang, and Jeremy Wang.

CnD Managers

CnD Manager

Our CnD Managers are Omer Asad, Mikayla Neeb,  Aysegul Alpay, Christine Nielsen, and Andrew Chen.

Creative Directors

Creative Director

Our creative directors are Michael Astwood and Shivangi Chaudhary.

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinator

Our event coordinators are Edana Golbourne, Natasha Lad, and Sandra Amaya.

Finance Associate

Financial Associate

Our financial associate is Philip Johnsen.

Marketing Coordinators

Marketing Coordinator

Our marketing coordinators are Danesh Nedaie and Spencer Spiegelman.

Media Coordinators

Media Coordinator

Our media coordinators are Liam Masters and Kelly Yeung.