Academic and Co-op Resources

The Science Society offers both synchronous and asynchronous academic and co-op resources.

If you have any concerns, or ideas of academic and co-op related event ideas that you would like to see, please reach out to the VP Academic

Synchronous Resources

SciSoc offers synchronous (in-time) resources to science undergraduates for academic and co-op matters. For virtual events that can be recorded, we will do our best to record and post these events on our social media to make them as accessible as possible. 

Examples of synchronous resources include: Co-op 101 sessions, upper-year resume and cover letter critiques, graduate school application sessions, and more! Stay posted on our social media pages for upcoming events.

Asynchronous Resources

SciSoc also offers asynchronous (not in-time) resources to science undergraduates for academic and co-op matters. 

Examples of asynchronous resources include: resume examples for the different science programs, cover letter examples, interview FAQs, and more!