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Some courses that require the use of calculators for tests and exams may allow students to use only certain models. For courses offered by the Faculty of Math, the models are listed on its Calculator Regulation web page and they are marked with a 'Pink Tie' sticker.

Some Science courses also follow this regulation. Approved calculators are required for multiple reasons:

  • to make calculator identification and verification clearer for students and instructors
  • to build community and link to a common Science symbolBlue Goggle
  • to raise awareness about academic integrity and related policy and to deter applying stickers to non-compliant calculators

Calculator with Blue Goggles sticker.First-year Science students receive their 'Blue Goggle' calculator in their Orientation kits. Those first-year students who did not attend Orientation Week, should contact the Science Undergrad Office (SUO) through the Science Advisor email, to obtain their calculator. Post-secondary transfer students will be contacted by the Science Undergraduate Office with instructions to pick up their calculators in September.

If you are not a new Waterloo student in the Science faculty, or would like to purchase an additional 'Blue Goggle' calculator, you can do so on campus at the Campus Tech shop in the Student Life Centre (SLC), Write Stuff in South Campus Hall (SCH), or at Media.Doc at the Science Teaching Complex location.

Calculators approved by the Faculty of Math ('Pink Tie') will also be allowed in place of the 'Blue Goggle' calculator.

Students should report any problems with the 'Blue Goggle' calculator, or its acceptance by instructors, to the Science Undergraduate Office