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External funding

Each fall and winter term, the Science Society (SciSoc) sets aside $1000 for external clubs (clubs that are not one of our departmental clubs) that can benefit Science students. This term, there will only be one external funding meeting. Clubs interested in funding from SciSoc should:

  1. Email indicating your interest.
  2. Prepare and attach in the above email a powerpoint presentation that includes the following (should also have a copy on USB in case internet is not working in room):
    1. Club introduction
    2. Are you a club under Feds?
    3. What impact does your club have on Science students/SciSoc?(provide Science student attendance at past events if possible)
    4. An overview of your club's budget
    5. How much funding are you requesting from SciSoc?
    6. What is SciSoc's funding being used on?
    7. Contact information: the email SciSoc should use to contact if funding is approved and the name of the person/club the cheque can be made payable to.
    8. Due: Sunday, January 29th, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.
  3. Attend the mandatory external funding meeting (TBA)

We are setting only one budget meeting so that the Science Board of Directors can fairly assess all interested clubs and divide the funds appropriately. In the past, funding requests were of a first come first serve basis, which the current SciSoc executives find unfair.