External funding

Each fall and winter term, the Science Society sets aside funding for external clubs or organizations that can benefit Science students or the Waterloo community. Funding is administered term-round and is equal access. Those interested in funding from SciSoc should:

  1. Email scisoc@uwaterloo.ca indicating your interest.
  2. Prepare and attach in the above email a powerpoint/PDF presentation that includes the following (should also have a copy on USB in case of technical difficulties):
    1. Group introduction
    2. Are you a club under WUSA?
    3. What impact do you have on Science students/SciSoc?(provide Science student attendance at past events if possible)
    4. What impact to you offer the Waterloo community at large?
    5. An overview of your club's budget.
    6. How much funding are you requesting from the Society?
    7. What is SciSoc's funding being used for?
    8. Contact information: the email SciSoc should use to contact if funding is approved and the name of the person/club the cheque can be made payable to.
  3. Attend the external funding period during a Board of Directors meeting that the VP Administration & Finance or the Speaker of the Board have instructed you to attend.

External funding runs termly and the amounts are determined by the Board of Directors. Any funding is administered by the Vice President Finance & Administration. We attempt to lump presentations together that the Science Board of Directors can fairly assess all interested parties and divide the funds appropriately.