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Poster stamping

The Science Society (SciSoc) is responsible for approving materials to be posted in science buildings. Materials for approval and stamping can be brought to the Science Society office. Approval is at the discretion of the office representative based on fit with student interests. Personal (e.g. sublet, tutoring, books for sale) and mass materials will not be approved. Upon disagreement, please contact a Science Society executive.

Several rules must be followed when posting materials in science buildings:

  1. Posters must be stamped by Science Society are allowed only in the science buildings:
    1. Biology 1 (B1)
    2. Biology 2 (B2)
    3. Chemistry 2 (C2)
    4. Centre for Environmental and Information Technology (EIT)
    5. Earth Science & Chemistry (ESC)
    6. Physics (PHY)
  2. Maximum of 25 posters allowed for each event for all six buildings.
  3. Materials can be posted on unpainted surfaces and bulletin boards (except windows and boards marked for Society/FedS).
  4. You are responsible for removing your materials on the "remove on" date.
    1. A warning will be given out and if club continues to leave their posters on the wall long after the event has pasted, SciSoc will not stamp their posters in the future.