Volunteering with the Science Society is easy. We feel that volunteering is an essential part of not only the university experience but also of life. There are several ways to get involved throughout the society. The best way to learn about all opportunities are at Science Society general meetings.

SciSoc executives (elected in March)

The executives are responsible for directing the operations of Science Society. There are four executive positions available, and Science Society members can be elected to these positions during the winter term of every year. For more information about executives and their responsibilities, please visit the executive section.

Departmental clubs

Science Society has six departmental clubs. Each club has their own volunteer opportunities, including various executive positions. Information about the clubs and contact information are available on the clubs page.

Science Society coordinators

Our coordinators take on more responsibility to serve specific areas of need. They are the main leads behind our events, promotional efforts as well as maintaining the functioning of our office and coffee and donut shop. For more information about the specific coordinator positions, visit the coordinators page. Sign up and interviews are currently closed. 

Science Coffee & Donut Shop volunteers

The Science Coffee and Donut Shop (CnD) offers one-hour shifts for students looking for a small time commitment each week. You gain experience operating the cash register and dealing with customers. Volunteers work in pairs and training is provided upon signing up for a shift. There is a $1 honorarium given to volunteers, in the form of CnD goods, at the end of each shift. Those looking for more responsibility should apply to be CnD Manager or Assistant Manager.

For more information on volunteer responsibilities and incentives, visit the Science CnD page.

Committee (Fall: Sciball, Winter: Gradball)

Our committees work very closely with the coordinators and executives to assist with all aspects of the Science Society. There is a SciBall committee, and Gradball Committee. Those interested in signing up can email the SciSoc executives, or come out to the beginning of term event and general meetings for more information.