First Annual Meeting: Call for Proposals

Deadline for Abstracts: March 10, 2014

Submissions are invited for the first meeting of Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering (SRPoiSE), to be held at the University of Waterloo, June 9-12, 2014. Paper abstracts, as well as proposals for panels, symposia, or workshops, are welcome and should be submitted to by March 10, 2014.

SRPoiSE is a relatively new international consortium which supports high-quality philosophical work related to science and engineering that contributes to public welfare and collective wellbeing. (See our website,, for more information, and to apply to become a member.) The SRPoiSE Consortium aims to improve the capacity of philosophers of all specializations to collaborate and engage with scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and a wide range of publics to foster epistemically and ethically responsible scientific and technological research. As part of this aim, we plan to hold annual meetings where scholars can disseminate and discuss their work; this is the first of those meetings.

The meeting will take the format of a workshop, allowing everyone to present their work to the whole group. In addition, SRPoiSE will be held as part of a larger meeting of “Communities of Integration,” in conjunction with two or three other workshop groups. These include STIR (Social-Technical Integration Research) and SEE (Studies of Experience and Expertise). (See and click on “Communities” for descriptions of these groups.) During the conference, these groups will have the opportunity to come together and share their work, identifying connections and potential collaborations among them.

Submission instructions: Please submit your abstract to no later than March 10, 2014. Note that individuals may only appear on the program once.

Please submit your abstract as a Word document or PDF. For any type of submission, you should anonymize your document and include your name, affiliation, and email address in the body of your email message (for yourself and any co-authors).

  • Individual papers: Please provide a title, 300-500 word abstract, and 3-5 keywords.
  • Panels, symposia, or workshops: Please provide a title, 300-500 word abstract of your session, including both the content and the format. Creative formats are encouraged. In the same document, include a title and abstract for each paper (or each part of the session, if possible, if it is not made up of separate papers). Please take care not to identify the authors/participants in your document, but rather list all authors/participants and associated paper titles (if appropriate) in the body of the email, along with the affiliation and email for each author/participant.

Please contact Katie Plaisance at with any questions.

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