Foster an increased sense of common purpose, community and engagement 

Strengthening our sense of community within Science is relevant to all other Faculty activities. There are examples of objectives and tactics throughout our strategic plan that will indirectly help build a sense of unity; notable examples include the strengthening of the first-year experience and the creation of new Science buildings, which will be catalysts for interaction across our disciplines. In addition to these tactics, the Faculty of Science will undertake actions with the express goal of increasing the engagement of our people. As a Faculty spanning diverse fields of research, there has historically been a sense of separation at the department and school level within Science. Through effective internal communication, we will improve the integration of our units and place emphasis on ensuring our people have access to the tools necessary to stay informed about events affecting the Science community. We anticipate that, by seizing this opportunity, our people will increasingly feel recognized for their contributions, helping to foster a sense of satisfaction and pride within Science. By encouraging communication within the Faculty, we anticipate increased feedback which will help inform future planning.

In addition to strengthening community within Science, we must support the growth of our network outside of the university through improved external communications, outreach and alumni-focused initiatives. The growth of our external network will be of immeasurable benefit to the future activities of the Faculty and its graduates, fostering the creation of new co-op opportunities as well as increased financial support and fundraising for the Faculty. A developed external network can provide our alumni with access to opportunities that otherwise might not be available, connecting them to fellow alumni and supporting their career development. By improving both our internal stakeholder community and strengthening our ties to our graduates, the Faculty of Science aims to build cohesiveness and continue to attract top personnel, while also establishing relationships that will continue to positively affect our people and our graduates after their time at the University of Waterloo.

To achieve this goal, we will:

Objective 7.1: Strengthen the working environment within the Faculty of Science for the benefit of all staff, students and faculty

Objective 7.2: Build our network with alumni, on-campus partners and external stakeholders