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Resources: elementary school

student tries out the van de Graaf generator with volunteerUniversity of Waterloo Science Outreach engages with local school-aged kids through workshops delivered by University of Waterloo Let's Talk Science volunteers, and through on-campus learning opportunities for visiting schools. The table below shows available University of Waterloo Science Outreach resources (e.g. workshops, demonstrations, etc.) associated with topics addressed by the Ontario Science curriculum.

Elementary school teacher resources
Grade Life systems Structures and mechanisms Matter and Energy Earth and space systems
K Dynamic Dinos      
1 Needs and characteristics of living things: Arctic Animals Materials, objects and everyday structures

Energy in our lives:
Energy Exploration

Daily and seasonal changes: Arctic Animals
2 Growth and changes in animals: Building Bugs Movement: Medieval Machines Properties of liquids and solids: Matter Matters Air and water in the environment
3 Growth and changes in plants: Root of the Matter or Tomatosphere Strong and stable structures: Earthquake! Forces causing movement: Earthquake! Soils in the environment
4 Habitats and communities: Wetland Food Web Pulleys and Gears: Pulling Your Weight Light and sound Rocks and Minerals: Earth Sciences Museum visit
5 Human organ systems: Fight or Flight Forces acting on structures and mechanisms: Earth Sciences Museum Disasters talk Properties of and changes in matter: Crime Labs Conservation of energy and resources
6 Biodiversity: Wetlands Food Web Flight: High Flyers

Electricity and electrical devices:
Circuit Savvy

Space: Exploration Mars or Observatory tour
7 Interactions in the environment: Wetlands Food Web Form and function: Entrepreneurial Science Pure substances and mixtures: Mix it Up Heat in the environment
8 Cells: Marshmallow Meiosis Systems in action: Watershed Moments or Entrepreneurial Science Fluids: Hydro-Logical Cycle Water Systems: Watershed Moments or Hydro-Logical Cycle

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