Faculty of Science COVID-19 safety resources

As we navigate the changing realities of education and research during a global pandemic, the health and safety of our students and employees will always be our primary focus.

COVID information and resources

The University of Waterloo’s COVID information page is the main resource for COVID information and for the safety standards adhered to across campus.

Safety question or concern? Email the Science Safety Management Group (science.safe.reopening@uwaterloo.ca)
If you test positive for COVID-19, call the University’s new COVID hotline, 1-833-UW-COV19 (1-833-892-6819) for information and support.

As always, in the case of a safety emergency, contact 911 or campus police at 519-888-4567, ext. 22222.

Coming to campus?

All individuals approved to access campus must mask up and complete the check-in EACH TIME prior to coming to campus.

Please ensure you have any required approval in place before checking-in.

  • Student attending class/lab on campus: Prior approval is not needed. Check-in is still required.
  • Staff or researcher who MUST be on campus to do their job: Department/unit head must approve and add the person’s name to the list of Science Essential workers. Each person must sign the approved safety plan for each space accessed during the work day. 
  • Staff or researcher wanting BRIEF access (i.e., to check mail): Approval from the Department/unit head is required each time a person wants to access a building on campus. Names are tracked by the Department/unit head on the Occasional Access List.
  • Staff or researcher wanting to work from campus office: Approval from the department/unit head is required. Access is subject to scheduling availability as determined by the department/unit head. Names are tracked by the department/unit head on the Occasional Access List. Note that shared office spaces require an approved safety plan; single-occupancy offices do not require a safety plan.
  • Contractor: Contractors are a special case. Note: If you are the University contact for an essential visitor who has been approved to access campus, you are responsible for ensuring they are screened before entering any University building. Please see information and access check-in resources from the safety office regarding contractor access. Check-in is required.
  • Visitor to campus, non-Uwaterloo: No visitor access to campus. Visitors to campus are not permitted, for any reason, at this time. Visitors include anyone who is not a University of Waterloo faculty member, staff, student or instructor. Contractors are exceptions; see link to information above.

Additional information for Science lecturers and instructors

  • If you are teaching a course in a Registrar-controlled space (most classrooms), follow the Registrar's guidelines for the space as indicated in the email confirming your class location and schedule.

  • If you are teaching in a Faculty of Science-controlled space (lab), develop a teaching safety plan with the guidance of the Science Safety Management Group (science.safe.reopening@uwaterloo.ca) by modifying the Research Laboratory Safety Plan Template

Frequently asked questions

Check the University of Waterloo's COVID FAQ page for a complete list.

Still have questions? Email the Science Safety Management Group (science.safe.reopening@uwaterloo.ca).