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Degree: Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biotechnology/Economics
Systems of study available: co-op

scientist adding blue powder to a beaker containing blue powder

The study of the production, consumption, and transfer of products in terms of biotechnology and science.


Make an impact in areas such as commercialized biotechnology, medical diagnostics, or pollution monitoring by applying your science knowledge with skills in economics. Understand the theories and principles surrounding the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Industry requires talented economists that can forecast the direction of scientific developments in manufacturing, technology, and new research. Combine that with biotechnology expertise and apply biological processes to technological advances and you’ll be a leader in generating innovative solutions to human issues. In this exciting industry, being a leader means understanding the foundational science behind biotechnology, and going a step furhter and applying that expertise in key business situations.

Science and Business Workshops

These are a set of courses that specifically highlight how analytical thinking and scientific rigor intersect in business. Focused on technology innovation, strategic development, management and marketing of scientific and technical advances, and the internal workings of scientific organizations, these courses are taught by uniquely qualified and seasoned individuals grounded in the often contrary worlds of academic, industrial, entrepreneurship and public policy. They seed and nurture the development of the special skills that set Science and Business students apart.

First-year courses

First-year courses develop your skills and knowledge in both science and economics.

Fall Term (1A) Winter Term (1B)

BIOL 130 Introductory Cell Biology

BIOL 240/240L Fundamentals of Microbiology

CHEM 120/120L Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

SCBUS 123 Science and Business Workshop 1 

One elective (AFM 123 Accounting Information for Managers 
is recommended)

BIOL 239 Genetics

BIOL 241 Introduction to Applied Microbiology

CHEM 123/123L Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and Kinetics

CS 100 Introduction to Computing through Applications

ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics 

ECON 102 Introduction to Macroeconomics 

Upper-year courses

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Beyond the classroom

We believe in your personal development. In addition to motivating you to attain high academic standards, emphasis is placed on developing your personal and career skills. Learn to become confident in your life decisions. Be challenged, mentored, and motivated to develop specific plans and goals related to your personal and career development. Identify the entrepreneur, manager, leader, and scientist within you. Become well-rounded and prepared for the challenges of academic, job market, and national and global environments.

Co-operative education (co-op) only

Co-op students at work

  • Associate, TD Securities
  • Business Analyst, Sentinelle Medical, Inc.
  • Quality Assurance Manager, Peak Performance Products
  • Product Disease Specialist, Merck Frosst Canada, Inc.
  • Work Force Analyst, CIBC

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Career fields

What our grads are doing now

  • Biotechnologist, H.J. Heinz Co. of Canada Ltd.
  • Senior Project Manager, Zenon Environmental Inc.
  • Genetic Researcher, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Microbiologist, Novocol Pharmaceutical of Canada Inc.
  • Manager, Special Projects, Viventia Biotech Inc.

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Admission information for future students

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Meet Our Ambassadors

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