Brittney Glass awarded the 2017 Farvolden Scholarship

Friday, October 27, 2017

Brittney Glass.The Farvolden Scholarship, funded by Earth and Environmental Sciences alumni, was presented this year to Brittney Glass, a PhD student supervised by Prof. Dave Rudolph.

Brittney’s research uses satellite data to pinpoint evidence of groundwater-surface water interaction within areas of discontinuous permafrost in the Central MacKenzie Valley, Northwest Territories.

 B. Glass.Regions of active groundwater flow may be the most vulnerable to potential contamination during shale oil fracturing  (“fracking”) operations that are being considered for the region. Her work forms part of the baseline monitoring underway in advance of shale oil exploration and development and is recognized as a critical component in the overall environmental monitoring program.

She’s currently testing her method using optical and thermal band satellite data (image left) to evaluate the time and spatial distribution of ground temperature anomalies and icing phenomena.

“Considering the remote and poorly accessible nature of the Central Mackenzie Valley, the approach Ms. Glass is implementing based on remote sensing data is invaluable in identifying priority field monitoring locations within this complex hydrologic environment,” says Prof. Rudolph.

The scholarship was announced as part of the Farvolden Day and Lecture Series, hosted by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, an annual celebration in honour of the late Dr. Robert N. Farvolden.

This year’s events also included Three-Minute Thesis presentations by graduate students Frederick Cheng, Janice Cooper, Brittney Glass, Ehsan Pasha, Adrian Mellage, Andrew Wiebe, and Chris Morgan, followed by a “speed dating” style Mentorship and Networking period for sponsors, potential employers and students. After lunch, participants enjoyed a tour of the Peter Russell Rock Garden and Earth Sciences Museum, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The afternoon ended with the 2017 Farvolden Lecture by Dr. Cathryn Ryan, Professor of Geoscience and head of the BSc Environmental Science Program at the University of Calgary, with her talk entitled, “Groundwater, bubbles and energy.”

The Department would like to extend its sincerest appreciation to Lorraine Albrecht for once again organizing this year’s celebrations.