Celebrating the Celebration 2017 Legacy Project

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Areial view of the new legacy project in the arts quad

The Celebration 2017 Legacy Project has been implemented in the arts quad, bringing the design initiative to a close.

Celebration 2017 was a student competition to design the space as a legacy to the University’s 60th anniversary year. On Saturday, November 3 the completed winning concept was celebrated in the Arts Quad and enjoyed by the campus community.

The competition was launched last year in celebration of the University of Waterloo's 60th anniversary and the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation. The competition sought student proposals for a creative and innovative design for a campus space that inspired and captured the spirit of the University of Waterloo community. The winners were announced at the President's Town Hall Meeting in November 2017.

The winning design was created by childhood friends and Waterloo students Ian Song (Science), Bennett Oh (Engineering), Michael Ahn (Mathematics), who entered the design competition as “Team Interlace.” The design features painted lines reminiscent of a microchip and circuit board, as well as new ramps, benches and planters in the arts quad.

“The microchip pays homage to our reputation in excellence in STEM, but more importantly, reflects what makes the University of Waterloo so special,” says a statement from the designers. “We are a network. Interconnected, with skills and points of view from across six different faculties. Students, faculty and staff from across the globe, with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Together, building a system of global impact that will last for decades to come.”

Team Interlace's submission was "conceived as a crossbreed between landscape and architecture" and the proposal "suggests a new paradigm in student space design: the "Urban Livingroom."

The space is a network of "interweaving microcosms and amenities woven together by leading floor lines and outdoor furnitures."

For more information about Celebration 2017: Legacy Project, check out the 60th anniversary website.

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