NSERC invests more than $1.49 million into Waterloo Science research

Friday, June 26, 2020

As the Government of Canada focuses on responding to the challenges of COVID-19, it also recognizes the invaluable contributions of Canadian researchers in the natural sciences and engineering. That is why the Government continues to support the discovery research being done at Canadian universities to help build the foundation for innovation and economic growth. 

Last week, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced more than $492 million in funding by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) will go to 2,400 researchers across Canada through its 2020 Discovery Grants to support research in a wide variety of natural sciences and engineering disciplines.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I’d like to thank the country’s researchers for the hard work they continue to do at such a challenging time. With this support, we are investing in, and celebrating, the creativity and innovation that are at the heart of all research.

Advances in the natural sciences and engineering promise to unlock discoveries that will help address some of our world’s biggest challenges, while also delivering real benefits to Canadians’ health, environment, communities and economy.

Afshordi, Niayesh (Physics Astronomy): Novel Astrophysical Windows into Fundamental Physics: From Big Bang to Black Holes, and the Dark Universe

Bizheva, Kostadinka (Physics Astronomy): Optical method for in-vivo, non-invasive imaging of neurovascular coupling in the retina

Broders, Hugh (Biology): Social organization and life history trait variation of a temperate colonial mammal

Campbell, Melanie (Physics Astronomy): Optical Imaging of the Retina: A window on visual development and the aging brain

Chen, Jeff (Physics Astronomy): Statistical physics of confined and self-assembling wormlike polymers

Duncker, Bernard (Biology): Characterization of Dbf4/Cdc7 function in DNA replication and cell cycle checkpoint responses

Foldvari, Marianna (Pharmacy): Nanoparticle-based gene editing delivery systems

Gauthier, Mario (Chemistry): Synthesis and characterization of arborescent (dendrigraft) polymers

Hardy, Lucien (Physics Astronomy): The Quantum Equivalence Principle and Quantum Coordinate Systems

Jennewein, Thomas (Physics Astronomy): Quantum photonics devices for a quantum internet

Kleinke, Holger (Chemistry): Solid State Chemistry: from Thermoelectric to Nonlinear Optical Materials

Kubiznak, David (Physics Astronomy): Theoretical Aspects of Black Hole Physics

Lang, Dustin (Physics Astronomy): Advanced Algorithms, Statistics, and Computing for Astrophysics

Juewen Liu (Chemistry): Competing ligand assisted aptamers and DNAzymes for nanomaterials

Mann, Robert (Physics Astronomy): The Entangling Power of Spacetime

McConkey, Brendan (Biology): Computational tools for RNA sequencing power analysis and data integration

Messier, Julie (Biology): Advancing trait-based plant ecology: understanding the causes and consequences of trait covariation across biological scales

Nazar, Linda (Chemistry): Solid State Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials

Thai Phan (Earth Environmental Sciences): Metal isotopes as chemical weathering tracers

Radovanovic, Pavle (Chemistry): Functional Property Correlations in Reduced Dimensions

Reed, Bruce (Biology): Investigating the role of the transcription factor Hindsight in the regulation of EGFR/Ras/MAPK signaling: new applications for CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing

Sciaini, Germán (Chemistry): The Ultrafast electron Imaging Lab of Waterloo

Smith, Kendrick (Physics Astronomy): New Algorithms for Cosmological Data Analaysis

Turok, Neil (Physics Astronomy): Quantum Universe

André Unger (Earth Environmental Sciences): A Transport-Rate-Limited Numerical Model for Simulating Cell Growth and Biodegradation Rates in Porous Soil and Rock

Vieira, Pedro (Physics Astronomy): Bootstrapping One Theory and Bootstrapping All Theories

Wang, Chong (Physics Astronomy): Exotic physics in quantum Hall and spin liquid systems

Yevick, David (Physics Astronomy): Biased sampling algorithms for scientific and engineering applications