Science companies and students compete in Winter 2017 Velocity Fund Finals

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Student on stage pitching to audience at Velocity Fund Final

Seven Science students and companies will be competing for $125,000 at the Winter Velocity Fund Final tomorrow. 

The Velocity Fund Final is a pitch competition that offers startups $375,000 in equity-free funding each year through its three Velocity Fund Finals. Startups have a chance to win a share of $125,000 in seed money and space at the Velocity Garage. Students will have three minutes to propose a solution to a problem, and demonstrate the market opportunity, traction, and ability of the team to succeed. 

Ten companies will compete for four prizes of $25,000. Judges will present one winner with an additional $10,000 for the top hardware or science pitch. Another 10 early-stage startups will compete for one of three awards of $5,000.

These are the Science students startups and Velocity Science companies competing for $25K in funding. The $25K competition starts at 1 p.m. in the Student Learning Centre.

Citius Solutions uses cutting edge algorithms to provide sorting and routing optimization for the delivery industry.

  • Maarij Rehman, 4A Science
  • Jamal Mehdi, 4A Physics
  • Kevin Burt, Management Engineering '15

Gamelynx uses cutting-edge web app technology to create games and interactive experiences that bring people together for face-to-face play. Gamelynx combines the fun and social interaction of party and board games, with the convenience and power of mobile web gaming.

  • Carter Minshull, 4B Physics
  • Alexander Mistakidis, 4B Computer Science
  • Matthew Sourgoutsidis, Arts and Business '16

Marlena Books creates therapeutic recreation products for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia, specializing in hardcopy books that make reading enjoyable and dignifying. Marlena Books is expanding into the tech space with e-books and a recreation app for individuals with more advanced dementia.

  • Harisah Mehmood, MSc. in Astronomy & Astrophysics '17
  • Rachel Thompson, Health Studies '15
  • Karen Thompson, MA of Recreation & Leisure '18
  • Kristi Boulton, English & Multimedia '13
  • Pam Fehr, International Development '98, Wilfrid Laurier University

NERv Technology is developing an implantable biochip platform to detect post-operative complications.

  • Amr Abdelgawad, MA Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology ’17 
  • Youssef Helwa, MEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering ’17
  • Mohamed Okasha, Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences ’15, McMaster
  • ​Abdallah El-Falou, MEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering ’17 
  • Alexandria Catalano, Biomedical Engineering ’16, Guelph

Serenity Bioworks is developing novel medicine formulas to improve the long-term effectiveness and safety of anti-inflammatory medication.

  • Spencer Berg, MSc. in Pharmacy '16
  • Cody Shirriff, MSc. in Biology '16

The other companies competing in the $25K competition are: BoltFare; Elucid Labs; Emagin; LabsCubed and Terrene.

The $5,000 event starts at 11:00 a.m. with ten pitches from student-run startups. Each competitor will have three minutes to wow the panel of judges in order to receive valuable funding for their company. 

Two Velocity Science companies will be pitching for a chance to win one of three grants. 

WildType Biotech uses protein design technology to redesign and optimize commercial proteins at the molecular level, enhancing clinical effectiveness and making them cheaper to produce and easier to store.

  • Prof. Andrew Doxey, Department of Biology
  • ​Michael Mansfield, MSc. in Biology ’17
  • Aron Broom, PhD in Chemistry ’16

Vena Medical is creating an endoscope to provide a real-time navigational perspective for physicians, to make interventional procedures faster, easier, and safer for both patients and physicians.

  • Michael Phillips, 4B Mechanical Engineering
  • Phillip Cooper, 4B Mechanical Engineering

The other companies competing in the $5K competition are: ENVR; Kinetic Imaging; Para; rePUBLIC; Rugelach, Roswell and Rufus; ShiftRide, Six Club and WeBahn.

Good luck to all competitors!

Velocity is a leading entrepreneurship program at the University of Waterloo and the largest free startup incubator in the world. From idea to product development to commercialization, Velocity provides the knowledge, tools, space and network that startups and entrepreneurs need for success.

Register to attend the Velocity Fund Finals in the SLC on Thursday and cheer on your fellow Science students and companies!