Science entrepreneurs to compete at upcoming Velocity Fund Finals

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From implantable bio-sensors to a UV-responsive marker to medical 3D printing, the Winter 2015 Velocity Fund Finals competition will be as fun and fierce as always. These finals will showcase a variety of Science entrepreneurs.

This Thursday, five Velocity Science companies and an upper-year Science and Business student entrepreneur will be competing at the upcoming Velocity Fund Finals, which provide support to University of Waterloo startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Competitors pitch for three prizes of $5,000, while the four $25,000 prizes are reserved for vetted startups.

Velocity Science companies Kue, NERv and Ourotech will be three of the ten finalists competing for a chance to win a $5K grant prize.

Kue logoKue is working on a timed-release capsule that will open after a specific amount of time. They are using this technology to develop a caffeine product that gives people a burst of energy before they wake up

NERv logo

NERv develops implantable bio-sensors that operate from within the human body. They are being developed to collect data about the body and send feedback to the doctor allowing medical care facilities to have a portable bio-lab able to assess the human body.

Ourotech logoOurotech is a biotech company that creates 3D bio-printers for the medical field. This technology can be integrated with medical scans for precise surgical modelling.

The other startups competing for the $5,000 prizes are: CareChair, Free Radical Labs, GRASP, Huvee Inc., Moocow Unicycles, Node and Tongo.

Pablo Eder, a Science and Business student, developed a web-based mobile app that makes 3D printing easier. Lani is a payment and management system for 3D Print Centers. It enables universities, public libraries and 3D Print Centres to automate payment, manage users, designs and materials. It is also a great way for designers to showcase their work.

Suncayr logoSuncayr is developing UV-responsive marker ink that tells you exactly when to reapply sunscreen. This can be drawn directly on the skin before applying sunscreen, and when the sunscreen is no longer blocking UV rays, the ink changes colour. Suncayr is making sun safety personal, fun and simple.

Vitameter is changing the way people manage supplements. The majority of Canadians have a vitamin deficiency and about half take pills to supplement their diet. Some blindly decide dosage and most take too little or too many pills. With experience in nanotechnology and bio-sensors, their team has created the Vitameter – a personal handheld device that determines your vitamin levels within minutes. Each test is inexpensive and provides you with the information needed to manage your diet and supplements.

Other teams competing for four of the 25K grant prizes are: Doppel, Fotofox, HealthIM, OneSet, Pout and Site2Site.

Please register to attend the event on March 26, 2015 in the Student Life Centre’s Great Hall at the University of Waterloo from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The $5K competition starts at 11:00 a.m., followed by the $25K competition at 1:00 p.m. The event will also be livestreamed.