Aishwarya - Physics

Science Ambassador

Aishwarya goofy

Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Minor: Economics

Career goal: I want to explore the intersection of Physics and Economics, two subjects that I am the most passionate about. Following this line of thinking, path A would be pursuing research in Graduate school and beyond, leading to a career in academia. And path B is working in the investment banking and finance sector as an Economist, an equally interesting career opportunity.

Favourite food: Home-cooked Rajma (red kidney bean curry) and Basmati rice. And ice cream to follow (usually a variation of Chocolate, but never Butterscotch!).

How I get involved: I am currently working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Department of Physics and Astronomy as a part of my co-op. I like to utilise my free time in working out either at the PAC or the CIF gyms or hit the pads at UW Muay Thai.

Why I love my program

My program teaches the importance of thinking like Physicists (credit being due to Dr Richard Epp and all my professors). It teaches the analytical way of thought, the way to approach some of the most interesting problems in nature, methodically break them down and solve them.

Why University of Waterloo?

One of my teachers from high school, who was also an experienced career advisor, visited the University of Waterloo and spoke very highly of it’s Science and Math faculties, it’s research institutions and co-operative education.

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