Alex - Biology

Science Ambassador

Alex posing with robot hands and lab equipment on his eyesYear: 1 (Graduate Studies)

Stream of study: Co-op

Specialization: Microbiology

Career goal: I am currently pursuing my graduate studies in a microbial ecology lab looking at skin microbiomes. Whether this is something I wish to continue forever, I am not sure, but the university environment is one I have come to grow fond of. I enjoy learning and pursuing obscure interests and speaking with others about their passions, whatever they might be. 

Eventually, I think I would enjoy a career that combines physical labour, travel, and science. So something like a field technician, technical operations coordinator, or science coordinator for field research would be very rewarding. Ultimately I want to find a career with a good work/life balance that compensates me well!

Favourite food: Deep fried Mars bars

How I get involved: I have involved myself in Science Outreach and their Let's Talk Science program, as well as orientation, various research positions, and science clubs activities. I am also a one-time member of the renowned Cheese Club.

Why I love my program

Having finished, I can say with confidence that my Biology/Microbiology Specialization degree was very rewarding. The microbial world is incredibly diverse, and given that it is still very much an 'unknown' world, full of discovery and excitement. Microbiology is also very applicable to many different fields which allows for you to pursue a variety of interests (i.e. geology, food, disease, ecology). The practical experiences provided by the labs are also very rewarding; the Biology program is likely in the top 3 for the number of labs that you'll take throughout your degree (depending on your focus).

Why University of Waterloo?

It's a neat place! I very much enjoy the physical structure of campus and the way it both separates and immerses itself in the city of Waterloo. The consolidation of most of the buildings within ring road allows for the development of a very strong community feel, as most of the people walking through campus are student, faculty, and staff. However, just beyond is the rest of the city, parks, and amenities that make living and learning here wonderful.
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