Alitsia - Biochemistry

Science Ambassador


Year: 3

Stream of study: Co-op

Career goal: A career where I'm challenged everyday, where I can be a leader to an amazing and hardworking group of people, and to be in a role where I can make a difference.

Favourite food: Ice cream, it's my weakness!

How I get involved: Science Ambassadors and Chem Club!

Why I love my program

Being halfway through my third year, I'm getting to take more and more Biochemistry-specific courses and labs, and gaining more appreciation for them as I continue through my undergrad studies! Our biochemistry program allows you to be exposed to many different aspects of the field, which is awesome but there were definitely some courses I had to persevere through. Now that I'm in a place where I get to be more specific in the courses I'm taking, I feel like I have a greater appreciation for how amazing the systems that occur in all living organisms that took billions of years to evolve so that now we're in a place that we can study them today!

Why University of Waterloo?

What originally brought my attention to UWaterloo was hearing the amazing experiences of my step-mom who went here. Obviously all the amazing features Waterloo had to offer were all factors that contributed me to applying. However, I think it was hearing about all the friendships and stories (basically all the experiences that you can't necessarily know about unless you talk to someone that went/goes to Waterloo) was what got me most excited about being here. Now that I've made my own friendships and truly feel like I belong here, I hope that I can share those experiences back to our prospective students.

University of Waterloo

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